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These days, the best watches do more than just keep on ticking. Smart watches are digital wrist devices with functionality that goes well beyond telling the time. From tracking your fitness activity to doing just about everything your smartphone does, smart watch technology has evolved rapidly. HSN's selection of smart watches will make sure you're keeping up the pace and staying connected. Convenient functionality meets dramatic style in the leading brands of the latest smart watches that HSN has to offer. Navigate through your various apps and widgets on your smart watch, getting everything you need done in a flick of the wrist. You can even take pictures, listen to music, and receive notifications and phone calls, depending on the device you choose. Get the level of versatility you need with functions such as sleep monitoring, calorie tracking, a camera, a pedometer, and more. Are you fond of underwater activity? HSN's smart watch collection includes water-resistant options to suit your active lifestyle. HSN also offers a wide range of accessories to go with your smart watch, letting you match your device to your style with customizable watch faces and interchangeable wristbands. Keep organized and on task with multifunctionality that complements and syncs with your smartphone or tablet.