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Keep Tootsies Toasty in BEARPAW Shoes

Since 2001, BEARPAW shoes have been the go-to brand for stylish comfort no matter the season. Whether you're rocking a corn maze in the fall or hiking your favorite springtime trail, this collection of BEARPAW footwear has you covered. From trendy, eye-catching styles to classic, rugged BEARPAW footwear, our collection offers you many choices. Crafted from sheepskin, BEARPAW shoes will keep your feet comfortable while your personality stays on point. BEARPAW footwear helps keep your feet cozy in the winter months and cool in the warmer months courtesy of one of nature's best fabrics--sheepskin. Every pair of BEARPAW shoes in our selection combines relaxation with adventure while staying true to craftsmanship and quality. BEARPAW footwear comes in several collections including the Classic Collection with its pleasant fit and sheepskin liners. The Exotics Collection breaks the mold with trendy shapes and one-of-a-kind materials. BEARPAW footwear's Savvy Collection blends classic style with cutting-edge details like zippers, laces, and buckles. The Tahoe Collection caters to winter enthusiasts, bringing in some rugged materials better suited to cold weather. BEARPAW shoes' Slipper Collection features the best of the brand in a house slipper. Looking for the right gift for your beloved? Shop our selection of dashing yet functional BEARPAW footwear today.